Inside Story…Barry lupton Interviews Michael Caffery of Universal Flora

Inside Story There has been a wealth of recent research demonstrating the benefits of plants in the work environment. Reduced stress levels, increased oxygen, temperature regulation and ambient noise reduction are just a few of the generally accepted benefits. Plants have also been shown to improve worker productivity, sense of wellbeing and psychological comfort, and [...]

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Top five reasons to garden this winter

Top ten reasons to get out into the garden this autumn 1. Air quality…breathe easy this winter Have you got the heating on? Windows closed? First signs of a sniffle or a cough? No wonder. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that the air within homes can be more seriously polluted than the [...]

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Protected: Gardenworks proposal

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Top 11 ways to ruin your diy garden project

1. Design for the annual party: Try to ignore your day to day needs and design for the annual party or family get together. 2. Measure Schmeasure: If there is one thing that will undo your plan it’s taking accurate measurements. You’re far better to get a rough guess from the kitchen window. Measurements only [...]

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What should I consider when creating a patio space

For the vast majority of Irish people, gardens are places for socialising and retreat; they're places to hold bbq's, parties, to read a book, unwind, escape and catch a few rays. Unfortunately, the spaces created to cater for our alfresco desires rarely deliver and often undermine potential garden enjoyment. To help you ensure that your [...]

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Interview with Daragh Shaw, Chris Rentes & Colm Doyle

Tough times, tough decsions: what the next generation thinks We’re facing deeply troubling times. The global credit crunch, a decade of negligent economic mismanagement, cheap imports and three years of horrendously poor summer weather have brought our industry to its knees. One or two more knocks and it could be lights out for Irish horticulture. [...]

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Carearing towards design success

To the uninitiated and ill-informed masses, building a career in landscape and garden design involves attending a night course in garden maintenance, watching the odd episode of Ground Force, having tantrums and spending your days pondering challenging wardrobe decisions. While these uninformed hopefuls may appear above the soil for a brief moment in the sun, [...]

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Top ten questions for your garden designer

10. Are you qualified? 9. Can you prove it? 8. How much do you charge? 7. Can you show me completed examples of your work? 6. What services do you offer? 5. Are you accredited? 4. How do you work? 3. Will you build it? 2. What will i have to do? 1. How long [...]

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Irish Garden Design (2005)

Setting the tone for the 2005 was Emily O’Byrne with her ‘Copper Curves’ garden, exhibited at the Spring House and Garden Show. Emily’s garden was an excellent example of what can be achieved, even on a tight budget, within the confines of a small suburban garden. With delicate use of subtle materials, including wood, sandstone [...]

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