Barry Lupton interviews Mark Long of Long Life Plants

A Long Story Living Flavours was one of Irish horticulture’s success stories. The product of hard work, determination, innovation and nerve, its rise from an initial idea to a top national brand embodied everything we wish to foster in our industry. A family concern with plants running through its blood, successive generations evolving, developing, growing, [...]

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Barry Lupton interviews ILI president Tony Williams

The Right Track Barry talks with Tony Williams, Past President of the Irish Landscape Institute The evolution and development of Landscape Architecture in Ireland is a process which evolved in the last quarter of the 20th century but in particular since the formation of the Irish Landscape Institute (ILI) in 1992. Despite advances in organisation, [...]

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13.5% VAT back on garden renovations….time to get the garden of your dreams

I'm delighted to announce that the recent Home Renovations Initiative (HRI), which introduced a 13% VAT return on home renovations between 5,000 and 30,000 Euro, has been extended to include garden renovation works carried out by registered contractors. The changes to the initiative have come about in response to extensive lobbying on the part of [...]

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A great line up of courses at the Garden House

Fancy engaging with your garden this spring but not sure where to start? Look no further than the Garden House and their exciting line up of courses with myself and celebrity gardener Maria Staunton. To find out more, visit The Garden House 

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The expert panel at Bloom

Pictured on the Garden Expert stage at Bloom this year are Gerry Daily of the Irish Garden, Paddy Gleeson of Woodies DIY and SuperGarden, me and designer Jane McCorkell. We'd been asked to take part in the panel discussion and Q & A on design related issues but spent most of the time talking about [...]

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Interview with Landarchs

I recently completed an interview of design education at SCD with the acclaimed Landscape Architects Network, Landarchs. Click on the image to read the full text.

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An Investment that Grows

If you told someone twenty years ago that you were employing the services of a garden designer, you’d probably be met with a confused stare and… ‘a garden what?’ Nowadays, you’d most likely be met with an agreeing nod and...‘what are you having done? So what’s changed? Put simply, us. Over the last couple of [...]

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