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Persistence Pays: Realising the American dream. Barry Lupton talks with Declan Blackmore

Persistence Pays: Realising the American dream I think it’s a safe bet to assume all graduates of horticulture contemplate travelling [...]

Perrenial Passion. Barry Lupton interviews Tim Schram of Schram Plants

Ireland’s founding nursery businesses were family run affairs. And while this remains the case for the majority, subsequent generations have [...]

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Drive Through Ambitions…Barry Lupton Interviews John McGuiness.

Drive Through Ambitions The thing about all great ideas is that once realised they seem obvious. We've all experienced that [...]

Inside Story…Barry lupton Interviews Michael Caffery of Universal Flora

Inside Story There has been a wealth of recent research demonstrating the benefits of plants in the work environment. Reduced [...]

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Sod Cast…Barry Lupton interviews Peter Donegan

Sod Cast Generally speaking, most industry folks agree that gardening coverage on TV and radio in Ireland is pretty poor [...]

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Barry Lupton interviews Mark Long of Long Life Plants

A Long Story Living Flavours was one of Irish horticulture’s success stories. The product of hard work, determination, innovation and [...]

Back To the Future…Barry Lupton interviews Philip Moraeu

This interview was previously published in Horticulture Connected . The photo is credited to industry photographer Koraley Northen Back To the Future [...]

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Top five reasons to garden this winter

Top ten reasons to get out into the garden this autumn 1. Air quality…breathe easy this winter Have you got [...]

Top ten garden design mistakes

There are many mistakes people make when going about the business of designing or having their garden designed. Here's a [...]

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Top ten ways to maximize your Bloom in the Park experience

Bloom in the Park starts today and is the biggest event in Ireland's garden and food calendar. It's the best [...]

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Top five ways to deal with negative garden views

Nothing spoils a nice garden more than an unsightly view. Oil tanks, buildings, roads, street lighting and neighbouring windows are [...]

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How to choose the right landscape/garden design course

There are an abundance of design courses to choose from in Ireland but many are of questionable provenance, oftentimes they're horticulture [...]

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Top five ways not to prune a tree…

Trees have to be one of the most wonderful of all living things. They support and enhance the lives of [...]

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Top five things not to do in the garden this weekend

Light a huge fire. If you've been cleaning up the garden and find yourself looking at a huge pile of dried plant [...]

Top 11 ways to ruin your diy garden project

1. Design for the annual party: Try to ignore your day to day needs and design for the annual party [...]

Top Five Considerations for Children’s Gardens

  Safety: Levels of safety are a matter of personal preference but they should be considered nonetheless . Essentially, If an element [...]